Is the culmination of a dream to become a drilling company where we provide top performance and safety to our customers, and our employees are a credit to that success. Providing a company environment that allows our employees to strive for performance.

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Established in 2007 by a collective group of like-minded individuals, Bonanza Drilling was the culmination of their dream to combine their years of experience into a drilling company that was different. Through a combination of hard work, a healthy environment and a focus on creating a family oriented atmosphere, Bonanza Drilling became just that.

Starting with two “Elite” single drilling rigs, Bonanza Rig 1 went to work in November, 2007 and Bonanza Rig 2 followed shortly thereafter in January, 2008. It wasn’t long before talk of the quality of Bonanza Drilling’s rigs and the people behind them resonated throughout the industry. With that, the need for a third Bonanza rig became a reality in the fall of 2008 to meet operator demands.

Bonanza Drilling’s reputation continued to spread through 2009 when drilling activity in Canada had decreased by 50%. We added our fourth rig to the fleet in 2010 and subsequently built a new rig each year with Bonanza rig 9 going to work in early 2015.

A rig is only as good as the hands that drive it, that is why Bonanza has always had our hands have an active role in all our rig builds.

-Rigs built for roughnecks by roughnecks

Our Team

Bonanza Drilling Inc. is a privately-owned Canadian based company in Brooks, Alberta, Canada. Since day one, our vision has always been to grow with operator demands without compromising performance and safety. Designing and building drilling rigs that meet or exceed the demands of the energy industry is what we do. It’s our dedicated team of experienced professionals who provide exceptional service to our clients while maintaining the best safety record in the industry that sets us apart.


Jason R Hemsing
President and CEO

James C Regan
Chief Financial Officer

Richard Nagai
Vice President Operations


Jeff Kinniburgh
Field Supervisor

Dave Stone
Safety Manager


Ken Hudgeon
Contracts & Marketing


Karen Getz

Michele Hemsing

Leah Palmer
Accounts Receivable

Conny Rommens
Office Manager

Candace Veasnanetra
Operations Assistant


At Bonanza Drilling, we’re always looking for good people to make our company even better. If you want to work for a company that’s constantly improving then we might be right for you. Why?

Good Equipment: We currently operate the most well maintained, modern equipment for our team members. That means safer work environments for you.

Good Management: Our managers never stop working to ensure that our focus is on performance and safety. While maintaining an excellent work environment for our people. Creating the kind of family atmosphere where people are heard and valued.

Good Customers: We never stop building solid relationships with our customers. Bonanza Drilling is focused on being the Best Service provider to its customers in Western Canada.

As a responsible employer, Bonanza Drilling is committed to a Health and Safety Program that includes a Drug and Alcohol Policy. All potential employees must complete a pre-employment test which includes a drug and alcohol screen and a work-related physical.

Due to COVID 19 Bonanza Drilling is taking more precautionary measures to keep our people and community safe.

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