Change Log

Tuesday, Jan. 16th
  • Global Nav – add padding to left side to match the Bonanza Logo in Main Nav. I’m guessing to the right side and not the left?
  • Main Nav – Make font size 2pt smaller and is it possible to make the buttons the same width? So that when they stack they look clean
  • Changed display of mobile menu so its now an overlay.
  • Can we centre this rig navigation bar?
  • Can we get this all on one line? Bottom Copyright.
  • Rig images need to be a light box - can you add that feature as well please?
  • Added FooGallery and Responsive Lightbox plugins for the rigs single image lightbox galleries.
  • Re-cropped all rig images to a larger sizes 750 x 500 (W x H) and cleaned up markup on tabs component for consistent display across the tabs. Updated Gist Code as well.
  • Major rework on the footer (may still need to refine ?). Two displays for mobile and non-mobile views.
  • Removed global row footer from footer and converted to use Beaver Themer's footer layout instead.
Monday, Jan. 15th
  • Uploaded All PDFS for rigs and Field Guide. Although the field guide pdf size exceeds the maximum WP upload limit of 10MB so I had to manually upload that via SFTP on the staging site.
  • Cropped all images and Finished Rigs tab with 10 rigs info on RIP (Rig inventory Page)
  • Linked Request Quote here to the home page contact section
  • Rigs content MarkUp can be found → HERE
  • Styling for the rigs tabs can be found in /rig-inventory -> Layout CSS panel
  • added transition ease-in-out to the buttons on the rigs accordion
  • The button group style are in the style sheet starting from .btn-group a.button and down
  • Added Easy FancyBox plugin for the lightbox display of PDFs
Sunday, Jan. 14th
  • added proper search area on header top:
    • this is placed in the functions.php file as the shortcode top-hdr which utilizes function: show_header_top()
    • The placement on the header top uses the Beaver Themer Layout called top-header (fl-theme-layout/top-header/?fl_builder). It is placed in a BB html component.
    • In the style.css file and li are the styling for the top header bar. Styling manipulation is also being done in the custom.js file
  • Linked the contact to the contact area on the home page
  • The custom.js file uses jQuery to toggle the search bar on and off.
  • Styled news posts on home page using custom layout editor in Beaver Themer. Added background color (#ebebeb) sssin style.css file : .fl-post-grid-post.fl-post-grid-image-above-title
  • pushed changes to staging site for review
  • changed permalinks to simple: http://website/{posttitle}
Wednesday, Jan. 10th
  • Added Map as a placeholder to for Rigs Map section in Rig Inventory Page [RIP]
  • Adjusted footer so that all elements fit nicely on a smaller  15" screen
  • Updated plugins: BB, UABB, Astra Pro
  • Pushed all changes to staging site to show to Shannon
Sunday, Jan. 7th
  • Started work on Rig Inventory Page [RIP]
  • Add hero Image [RIP]
  • Added Stats Bar [RIP]
  • added Download Bar [RIP]
Saturday, Jan. 6th
  • Added styling for code tag
  • Apply Hover effect for all the square btns
  • Finish Footer Design
  • Added button border styles: a.fl-button:hover    a.fl-button
  • Fixed Styling (font-weight,hovers) for Button Texts
  • Changed menu styling to match PSD (white, bold font on active and hover).
Tuesday, Jan. 2nd
  • Modified Header menu to be evenly spaced on smaller screens
  • Changed Menu Links color ( #636363 ) and current & hover color ( #d07d39 )
  • Added Bold font weight to current and hover menu links
  • Removed GMaps default margins so map takes up entire column container (Home page)
Monday, Jan. 1st
  • Added Logo to Main Menu (left) and also added Home page link to the Logo.
  • Changed Menu style to match the PSD design - Created Custom Header using Themer Layout named Top Header.
  • Also created main menu style using Global Template row in BB called Bonanza Custom Menu.
  • Added the global template to the Themer Top Header header.
  • Added backup script to the root directory. For easy CodeAnywhere backup.
  • Added white header above the main menu.
  • added linkin fa icon to the white header above to the main menu.
  • Search icon click is giving problems and isn't sticking to it's container. Need to find a better solution to this
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